Habits That Might Change Your Life

We found a great article by Ruth Soukup on her website,  http://www.livingwellspendingless.com, that discusses creating 10 simple habits to help you be more successful, happier, and less stressed.  A summary of the 10 habits is below.  We encourage you to read the full article by clicking on this link , 10 Simple Habits That Might Just Change Your Life.


  1. Keep Things Tidy – Picking up, keeping things organized, and even just making the bed helps us feel better.
  2. Mindfully Manage Your Money – One of the top habits of successful people? They’re mindful money managers.  Make it a habit to examine your bank account and budget daily.
  3. Choose Gratitude – One habit that can definitely change your perspective almost immediately is to become intentional about choosing an attitude of gratitude. Make a habit of identifying 3 things every day that you’re grateful for.
  4. Stay Hydrated – By now, we should all know the many benefits of drinking water including; more energy, clearer skin, and better digestion.
  5. Plan Your Days – People who are successful plan it that way. They write down appointments (and keep them), utilize a daily task list, and use their calendars as a map toward achieving their goals.
  6. Put Your Family First – Strengthening family relationships and considering the needs of your spouse and children is one of the most important factors in any decision.
  7. Get Up Early – Early-risers are more productive and find more time to address problems at the start rather than playing catch up all day long.
  8. Prepare for Success the Night Before – Similar to getting up early, preparing before bed helps us get a jump on tomorrow.
  9. Get Moving – Successful, happy and productive people have a regular habit of getting in some healthy movement each day.
  10. Rest – Truly happy, successful people know when they need to take a break and when they need to nurture themselves.